3D Motion & Real-Time


Lucky 1 (coming soon, shhh!)

Desktop - Steam (Mac & PC)
Mobile - TBD

Store Description
A beautiful game of chance. A game that never gets harder, and never gets easier.

I first prototyped this game a few years back, probably around 2015? And I kept finding myself playing it at random moments. You know how it goes… on the bus, on the john, in bed at 2 AM. So it kind of stuck with me. The tagline of the game pushes the idea that something is ‘chance’. But in reality how many times have you played a guessing game.. and just knew where or what the answer was? This game is based around that feeling. Behind the curtain of the game there’s some small mechanics that are meant to push you in a direction, maybe one of the gems wiggle a bit.. or maybe you hear a slight hum on one side of the screen. Small things that sometimes make you feel like you know which path to take.