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Fetch Dog Fetch

Mobile - App Store (lapsed) and Google Play
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Store Description
Fetch Dog Fetch is a physics-based game where you play as a dog...because humans are just plain boring. As you play new levels, you'll be introduced to different objects to fetch and a wide variety of obstacles to keep you on your paws...err.. toes.

This was my first shipped game. It’s prototype (one out of a batch of 10) had the best reaction from friends, family, and strangers on the bus. So I moved forward and shipped it! What I personally like best about it, is the fun little level design interactions you’re able to get with a platformer in an arcade setting. For instance, you’ll find yourself constantly catching things while in the air, which elicit’s the feeling of ‘just’ gotten something. This game took about 2.5 months from end of prototype to shipping on the the App Store and Google Play, I learned a lot about asset management, ad integration and *COUGH* what Apple’s submission review time used to be like…