3D Motion & Real-Time



Splinter Cell: E3 Launch

3D extraction, FX and dynamics, sub projection compositing.

Kelley Blue Book - Projection

3D animation, car lighting, machinery animation.

Amazon Echo

Design, animation exploration.



DaGeDar Star Wars

3D, animation, FX, animatic.

Capital One

3D, compositing, dynamics.

Microsoft Story Remix

Tracking, 3D, 350k views on the Windows YouTube channel.

Amazon Fire TV

Compositing, 3D asset creation.

HoloLens Header Image

3D, shading, rendering, compositing pass extraction.

Microsoft Sway

3D, tracking, motion graphics, compositing, VO. 1.6 million views.

ESPN Draft

3D modeling, shading, lighting.

Amon Tobin Tour

3D design and previs, concepting and boards.