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Bounce 5

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Bounce 5 times to mix it up! How long can you last? Just move your finger to keep your character bouncing. Simple right?
A simple input mobile game, bounce the buddy 5 times and a random event will happen (both good and bad)! Collect stars for a chance to unlock new characters and open new areas to play.

This was an interesting game to make, partially because it was my second “full” game and I (wrongfully) had hoped that because of that, development would be easier. I pulled in scope, chose a simple style, and set a development end date. Fast forward 3 months, and I blew up the scope, chose a more complex style, and pushed back the end date (1 more month). It’s funny starting a new project having just come off another, and even with your post-mortem notes in hand, you can STILL make the same calls, and mostly for the same reason. For example, before I had these fun little characters, I just had simple shapes. But at the 75% point of development I just felt unhappy looking at my simple monochrome game, mainly because I KNEW I could make it look better, heck, art has always been the easy part to me. So I pushed the deadline and spent time to completely revamp the look of it. But in doing so… I had to add character unlocks, build biomes, custom high counter effects, and integrate ads in a new way. Goes to show there’s rarely ever just ‘one more thing’ to add.