3D Motion & Real-Time


New Computer, Must Create

Hey there, long time no anything!

Got a new computer a couple weeks back, the killer Vince Ream picked the parts with love and slapped it together, check out his work at ultramegacreative.tumblr.com and all your dreams will come true.

First time I can say that I actually own a powerful computer :) feels good to slide all those game graphic sliders all the way to the right!

Felt like making something quick today, so I downloaded this model off of Turbosquid and gave myself a half hour timer to make 3 stills.


Little bit of model cleanup in C4D, cloner action and new materials, kicked over to Photoshop for a quick slap comp resulted in these three selects.

...Don't ask why there's a HUGE gap between the lens pieces, didn't see that til afterwards ;)