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Craig Zacok

Hi there! I’m a freelance 3D motion designer and indie game developer who’s living rural right now, but moving soon! Long story short, I asked Jeeve’s “how to 3d?” in 2002 (shoulda Googled it, would have been faster 😂) and haven’t looked back. Here’s a long story in a few short sentences..

I did the fun art school thing (SCAD), then hopped right into freelancing at studios in the Chicago, IL area. Including renowned experiential studio Leviathan. After a couple years I was fortunate enough to then help start the studio ‘Dose’ at AbelsonTaylor.

While at AT, I got lucky and wrangled an Oculus DK1 (which had just launched!) for the studio to “play with”. After playing Minecraft and every demo on the internet for a few hours, I then formed a strike team and spearheaded production on a real-time VR demo for a high profile client pitch using Unity. My mind was blown.

Getting into game development perfectly complimented my design and 3D interests. Now I don’t have to wait for a render, and I can also play with what I make. So my wife and I turned our sights to one of the interactive capitals of the world, Seattle, WA.

While in Seattle I was crazy lucky to meet my friends at Lustre Studios, who would become my creative family for the next 4 years. As well as get involved in the thriving Indie Game scene around the Pacific Northwest! Shout out to Seattle Indies, Galvanic Games, and PIG Squad down in Portland. Without their help, I never would have been able to get Warcube off the ground :)

So now I straddle the fast colliding industries of 3D motion design, animation, and game development. It’s a full house and happy family.

I enjoy fast renders, high frame rates, and a nice wood texture.

Having a wide skill set is great! It helps me either join teams remotely or on-location, even taking on projects from the initial idea to the end result on my own. Or if the project is super-mega-big, by putting together a small crew of happy humans.

My proficiencies include Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Maya, Arnold, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zbrush, Mocha Pro, PFTrack, Unity and GIFcam.

My design focus is on user driven experiences, low fi/hi fi envisionment, and play-based engagement.


For any questions or inquiries (freelance/fulltime/collaboration) feel free to contact me at craig.zacok@gmail.com



Alaska Airlines
Ford Motor Company
Kelly Blue Book
Capital One
Invokana Medical
Teva Pharmaceutical
Takeda Pharmaceutical
AbbVie Inc.
Sunovian Pharmaceuticals

I’m proud to have a creative spouse, check out what Meg does.