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Statement of Purpose

I’m a lifelong pursuer of creative work. I always strive to get closer to the creative heart of what makes a great idea come to life and really connect with people. Sometimes that's a deep connection, and sometimes it's shallow and fun, and I enjoy both. I’m multi-disciplined, which I believe is one of the most important qualities a collaborator can have (apart from just being nice). I believe knowing how to do a bit of everything makes it easier to communicate a creative vision, shortens iteration time, and lets you comfortably pass leadership roles among a team.

I’m definitely not one for titles and roles, but I’ve worked professionally as a 2D/3D designer, a motion graphics artist, film editor, vfx supervisor, voice over artist, environment artist and a game designer.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a regular dude trying his hardest to make something worthwhile :) My hope is to work alongside people who are independent, want to make something distinctive, who trust and lean on each other for support, and who really just know how to love each other.



Realtime: I've developed for mobile, desktop and VR. Shipped personal titles on mobile and desktop, and internal client applications for VR.

  • Unity: 5 years of self-taught experience. Use a mix of C# and Playmaker. Shipped on Steam for Windows and macOS, mobile for App Store and Google Play. Used to doing everything. Probably missing foundational programming experience. Haven't hit a roadblock yet though! Have prototyped over 40+ games.
  • UE4: 2 years of experience, primarily from an art side, can rock some blueprints though.


  • 2D: Boards and styleframes, design exploration, simple animation, textures both realistic and stylized.
  • 3D: Organic and hard surface modeling, both low poly and high. Stylized 3D.


  • 2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Aseprite, Corel Painter.
  • 3D: Maya, C4D, Zbrush, 3DS, Modo, Blender, Houdini, Realflow.
  • Misc: After Effects, Premiere, xNormals, Quixel Suite, Substance Designer, Nuke, PhotoScan, 3DF Zephyr, Remake.


  • Steamwork Partner Tools: Been working with it for a couple years, comfortable and stay present with their online tools, have implemented achievements and cloud saving, could probably do leader boards.
  • Wwise: Currently being used in Warcube, my Early Access title. My sound designer works in Wwise, he's been off the project since September, and I've been handling most of it since. Primarily recycling his stuff. But functionally can use events, container, switches and states.
  • Social Media: I like to post GIFs of things I make. Have over 1.3 million image views of content I've posted, would say I have weird dumb luck with my posts. I also run a Discord server for Warcube with about 400 member that stays pretty active, I really enjoy looping fans into development.


  • Haven Made: 2014 - Present, games.
    •  company I own, shipped 3 titles. Contract out some work, primarily composing and sound design.
  • Lustre Studios: 2013 - 2017, advertising and commercials.
    • Contractor, variety of commercial work, 2D, 3D, compositing, editing, design boards
  • DimensionalMechanics: 2015 - 2016, advertising and commercials.
    • Contractor, handled full scale advertising efforts. Did the work of what would usually be 4-6 people.
  • Microsoft: 2014-2016, commercial work and vfx for Hololens team.
    • Contractor, 2D, 3D, vfx and motion design.
  • AbelsonTaylor: 2012-2013, Advertising (agency.
    • Staff, helped start internal art production studio, art direction, pipeline.
  • REthink: 2012, general commercial work.
    • Contractor
  • Leviathan: 2012-2013, interactive installations and commercial work
    • Contractor, collaborated to create real-time and pre-rendered commercial work.
  • Radar Studios: 2010-2011, 
    • Contractor, general commercial work. Fun fact, first thing I ever worked on was a My Little Pony commercial...


Games (shipped/available)


Tactical action game currently in Early Access. Reviews generally are Very Positive/Overwhelmingly Positive :D


Bounce5 (lapsed iOS)

A simple input mobile game, bounce the buddy 5 times and a random event will happen (good and bad), collect stars for a chance to unlock new characters and open new biomes!

FetchDogFetch (lapsed iOS)

Just a simple game of fetch ;)

Games (unshipped, but in review)

Lucky 1

A beautiful game of chance. Functional for desktop and mobile. Swipe or tap to break gems, but don't hit the randomly hidden red one. A game that never gets harder, and never gets easier.

Desktop Footage:

Cafe Craze

 Pour coffee and make money, unlock new recipes and shop cosmetics!

Hacker Defense

 Real time, simple tactics, defense game geared around hacking. Cancel the enemies 0's and 1's with your own. Gets tricky with stacked inputs.


Tactical FPS centered around trench warfare and short term objectives. Oh, and you're a potato.

GIF Dev Log

File Fighters

You've been sucked into the computer by a mysterious biovirus, explore the OS, meet other digital victims, and get OUT!

Adventure platformer/bullet hell.

GIF Dev Log

Tree Climber 

Simple touch game about climbing trees and collecting acorns, but watch out for slanted branches and deadly hawks!


Simple input "infinite climber" game, where you tap and swipe your way up the tower (to an eventual bossfight). Fight baddies, collect coins and fight your way to the top!



One touch simple game about swatting flies and [hopefully not] butterflies. Would unlock new swatters (with new stats [area, speed, input])



I do both 2D and 3D art, feel free to browse a bunch of it here!